How to use a hanging chair

You cannot really fall out of a quality hammock chair unless it has not been properly installed. That's why the first thing to do, is to make sure your suspension is suitable. Not every tree or beam is safe and stable enough. Walls should not be too porous since the embedding of the wall anchor must be solid and reliable. The best spots to hang it from are the ceiling, a beam, a branch or a swing.

Hammock Chaira

What Height is needed for a Hammock Chair?

You would like to buy a La Siesta hammock chair or a La Siesta Lounger, but you don't know how much room is required.

The chart below shows the respective minimum height required for the installation of a La Siesta hammock chair and/or La Siesta Lounger.

Hammock Chair/Lounger

Required Height


Lazy Rezt Hammock Chair

205 cm

Baiana Hammock Chair C140
Modesta Hammock Chair C140

205 cm

Currambera Hammock Chair C140

215 cm

Nico Hammock Chair C200

220 cm

Sonriente Hammock Chair C160

225 cm

Romantica Hammock Chair C160
Carino Hammock Chair C160
Pintoresca Hammock Chair C160
Arhuaco Hammock Chair C160
Carolina Hammock Chair C160
Regalo Hammock Chair C160

230 cm

Nico Hammock Chair C250

240 cm

Currambera Lounger L210
Sonriente Lounger L210

245 cm

Carino Hammock Chair C185

250 cm

Hammock chair Connoisseurs appreciate having a spring in the suspension of their hammock chair or Lounger. This raises the comfort and prolongs their useful life. You must, however, keep in mind that the installation of a spring adds at least an extra 20 cm to the required height!

Hammock Chair

How much Room is needed for a Hammock Chair?

The surface area required for a hammock chair / Lounger depends to a large extent on the length of its spreader. The regular use (no swinging) would require a diameter of the length of the spreader + 30 cm.

The lowest point of a hammock chair or Lounger in use should be between 30 and 40 cm above the floor. Please bear in mind that the use may extend your hammock chair / Lounger by up to 10p.c. In this case you simply shorten the rope.