Mosquitonet Dome
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Mosquitonet Dome


Impregnated mosquito net as a detached 2 person tent. So very spacious so you still can move around. 


Made of black Polyester mesh, mesh LLIN 256 p. inch. With an aluminum frame and pvc piping. Entrance by a zipper. 


LLIN Long Lasting Impregnated Net. Guaranteed 3 years to 5 years useful. Impregnated with Deltamethrin. This substance is only harmful to insects. The mosquito net is up to 25 times washable while retaining the impregnation. Do this in the hand wash at 30 degrees. To protect the mosquito net in a pillow case. Do not iron but hang out. Quick-drying. 


H 110 cm L 150 cm. 230 cm Br. Packed O13 cm 37 x