Fair Trade - onze merken


Fair trade producten zijn producten die voor een eerlijke prijs van de producenten in derde wereldlanden zijn afgenomen. Omdat fair trade producten erg belangrijk zijn om de duurzame ontwikkeling van export van arme landen naar westerse landen te stimuleren, moet het productieproces voldoen aan een aantal criteria.


De merken die wij verkopen handelen en produceren uit het Fair Trade principe.

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Lazy Rezt - Exporsal

Social Responsibility: Nature, the Environment and Craftsmanship

Hammocks are produced in rural areas, stopping immigration to the Salvadoran capital where Exporsal is located. We use handlooms, helping to preserve and not contaminate the environment. The wood used bars for hammocks and hammock chairs is imported from Honduras and the United States due to laws regulating wood exploitation in El Salvador.

We help artisans financially to improve and enlarge their production capacity and for them to buy tools and machinery. This aid is given at no interest rate. Additional loans not related to company production are given at a lower interest rate than that offered by financial institutions operating locally. Artisans make monthly payments, according to their capabilities.

***Exporsal provides all school supplies to the children of the office employees and chief of artisans (until graduating from high school). What we pretend is for them to get a better education than their parents (most of the artisans have studied up to 6th grade), and expand their possibilities of success in the future. As of 2004, the company will start giving three scholarships (yearly) to their children who achieve the best overall grades.

We collaborate with other governmental and non-governmental institutions involved with the development of handicrafts and the improvement of the social and economical conditions of artisans.

After the three earthquakes we experienced between January and February 2001, Exporsal helped artisans repair or rebuild their damaged homes or workshops. It covered 50% of the cost and the rest was given as a loan without charging interest.


We distribute arts and crafts steeped in tradition, we employ people in countries of low social standards and we use environmental resources. We are conscious of the responsibility tied to this and have always - together with our partners - successfully managed to stand up for fair remuneration, against child labour and an environmentally sound production.

The export of AMAZONAS hammocks today provides more tha100 workers with a secure job. The majority of them is paid two to three times the minimum legal wage, which offers them and their families a steady income. In addition, they enjoy social standards which are largely unheard of in the rural areas of Brazil, such as social security, health insurance and paid holidays.


Exports to Europe provide further benefits for the workers. The quality of the raw materials we use corresponds to European standards. The environmental compatibility of the dyes used does not just help the rivers and streams in Brazil, but also means a healthy working environment for the workers who process the dyed cotton. Also, ear muffs for hearing protection are used practically nowhere else except in our factory.



Der Name „BAHIA Hängematten“ erinnert an die Lebens-freude und Gelassenheit der Menschen im Nordosten Brasiliens, wo traditionell schönstes Kunsthandwerk hergestellt wird. 

Mit dem brasilianischen Kulturgut Hängematte wollen wir in Europa dieses Lebensgefühl vermitteln, wo Hängematten zur Erholung und zum Innehalten in einer schnelllebigen Welt beitragen können. Wir importieren Hängematten, Hängesessel, Stabhängematten und Tragetücher aus den wirtschaftlich benachteiligten und semiariden Regionen im Nordosten Brasiliens. Ein fairer Preis unterstützt alle an der Produktion Beteiligten.

Seit 2006 ist Bahia anerkannter Lieferant für fair gehan-delte Produkte aus Brasilien.